Concert bands

Photos By: Marc Peters

The symphonic and Concert Bands, are the main performing groups at Mount Pleasant. Each spring, auditions are held for new and returning students to determine which band they will be in next year. Each group, meets as a regularly scheduled class during the school day. Each group performs at a minimum of three school concerts each year, and a musical festival in the spring. The music festival, is a trip that is four days long and the student pays for it. A series of fundraisers' are held each year to lower the cost of the trip, attendance for the festival is required for symphonic band, but not concert. Below you'll find a list of the student leadership, and the audition piece for this year. Along with a collected scales sheet, because you will be required to play a few scales for your audition.

Band Officers

Jayden Andrews - President

Will Savage - Vice President

Tarannum Chowdhury - Secretary

Jeremiah Epting - Treasurer

Amanda Beyer - Librarian

Zoe Rawheiser - Quarter Master