MPHS Marching Band

Photos by: Marc Peters

About the Band

The marching band is an after school elective that takes place from August through December. It starts in August with band camp, which is where most of the practice and learning takes place for the entire season. Band camp is the first three weeks in August, with the first being 9am-9pm, the second is 12pm-9pm and the third is 6pm-9pm. Once school starts practice in Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm-9pm. If you're considering joining, you should. It's a fun and wonderful experience that you'll never regret doing!


Director: Brian Drumbore

Assistant Director: Fred Litcofsky

Percussion Instructor: Ed Lindenhofen

Color Guard Instructor: Amy Lemon

Visual Instructor: TBD

Student Leaders

Senior Drum Major: Ryan Phillips

Junior Drum Major: Tarannum Chowdhury

Flute & Clarinet: Jane Loney

Alto Saxophones: Anaiyah Davis

Tenor Saxophones and Low Brass: Jayden Andrews 

Trumpet: Geri Burr

Battery: Michael Johnson 

Sr. Color Guard Captains: Samia Dukes and Navannah Nathanson